November 122024 Paris - France 30ème journées internationales d’études sur la finition des carrosseries automobiles

Award Winners Gallery

Welcome to the Award Winners Gallery, where we celebrate the brightest minds and most innovative technologies in the automotive industry. The SURCAR Awards recognize outstanding achievements in three distinct categories: Innovation, Technique, and the prestigious Jury’s Awards.

Join us in honoring the pioneers and visionaries who push the boundaries of automotive excellence, experience the creativity, dedication, and passion that define the winners of the SURCAR Awards, and be inspired by their remarkable achievements.

The Award for Innovation

This category celebrates groundbreaking advancements that redefine the automotive landscape. From revolutionary materials to cutting-edge technologies, the Award for Innovation recognizes those who dare to imagine the future of transportation. Explore the winners who have transformed the industry with their ingenuity and forward-thinking approach

  • 2023:   Development Of Peelable Body Color For Automotive Painting


Takayuki ONO, Director  KANSAI PAINT

  • 2021: Print Paint and More

Sebastien SALZE, Automotive Marketing Manager – SAMES-KREMLIN

  • 2019: Super High Transfer Efficiency Application for Body Coating

Shinya Otake, Assistant Manager – TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

The Award for Technique

Precision, craftsmanship, and technical mastery define the winners of the Award for Technique. This category honors the artisans and engineers who elevate automotive design and manufacturing to new heights. Discover the meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled expertise behind each recipient’s exceptional work.

  • 2023: Overspray-Free Paint Application

Lars DR. FRIEDRICH, President & CEO,Application Technology – DÜRR

  • 2021: Virtual calculation of layer thicknesses

Oliver BÖHM, Senior Manager Standardization Paint Coat Systems – BMW

Lars DR. FRIEDRICH, President & CEO,Application Technology – DÜRR

  • 2019: Reduced Overspray Painting Process

José Rodrigues, Paint Technology Manager – ABB

Takahiro Tawata, R&D Engineer – ABB

The Jury’s Awards

Handpicked by a panel of esteemed experts, our Technical Committee, the Jury’s Awards recognize excellence across a range of criteria, including design, sustainability, and overall impact. These accolades celebrate versatility and innovation, highlighting the diverse talents driving progress in the automotive world. Explore the winners chosen by our distinguished jury for their exceptional contributions to the industry.

  • 2023: New Paintshop In Gliwice: Challenges And Results

Pierluigi GATTI, EE Paint Execution Manager – STELLANTIS

Amani PONZONI, Project Engineer – GEICO

  • 2023: Digitalization as accelerator for development

Katelle LAVISSE, Deputy General Manager Paint Processes and Materials – RENAULT

Hendré SWART, Lab Manager, Development Simulation/Automation EMEA – BASF

  • 2021: The future of color development: digital color styling

Sabine GRIESBECK, Styling Manager – PPG 

  • 2021: Towards CO2 and VOC neutrality

Richard CAETANO, Paint Process Expert for Oven & Paint Booth, STELLANTIS
Susanne GROHMANN, Paint process Engineer, STELLANTIS

  • 2019: New PSA Paintshop 4.0

Daniel Pasch, Paint Engineering Manager – OPEL Automobile

Guillaume Basquin, Paint Engineering Manager – GROUPE PSA

  • 2019: Achieving outstanding silver color based on Toyota and Lexus Color Strategy

Akira Nishimura, Project Manager – TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
Masahiro Omura, Technical Manager – KANSAI PAINT

The Audience Choice Award

Voted by our esteemed attendees, the Audience Choice Award celebrates the technologies that captured their hearts and imaginations. This new category established in 2023 highlights the products and innovations that resonate most strongly

  • 2023: Accelerating the future paint shop with fully automated hole covering – tesa® ProSeal

David TUFFE, Head of Customer Solution Center, Application Process Engineering – TESA

The Award for Grand Challenge

Exclusively for companies participating in the pitch session, the Grand Challenge Award recognizes the most innovative company poised to revolutionize the automotive industry. Through groundbreaking ideas, disruptive technologies, and visionary leadership, these companies are driving the future of mobility forward. Explore the winner chosen for their pioneering spirit and transformative potential, setting the standard for innovation in the automotive sector.

  • 2021: Inline Paint Quality Control Trends: simulation / detection / auto-repair


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